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Hey there!

I'm Josh and I am the guy you're trying to find when you Google "real estate agents near me" or "real estate agents in my area". If you scroll down, I'll give you some more information about me and hopefully get some information about you!

There are two forms below, one will give you a price evaluation of your home and the other will send you a few homes in your desired area and price range (all completely for free, within a day). You can also call or email me if you want to skip the wait!

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(724) 691-8168

So, why trust me?

Have you heard the typical real estate agent pitch before? I'm sure you have...

"Last year, I sold $$$ and closed on 800 homes in December alone!"

Yeah, annoying to keep reading, isn't it? I'll keep my pitch simple. Buying, selling, or investing shouldn't be a stressful process. Though a real estate transaction may seem daunting sometimes, I believe the key to a seamless process is strong communication between agent and client. On average, a person will own at least three homes in their lifetime. I don't like the feeling of people coming and going, so as an agent, I make it my duty to build a long-term, trustworthy relationship that you can utilize more than once! Though the bottle of wine at the end of a transaction is always nice, the satisfaction of stepping into your new home, without losing your hair in the process, is even nicer. The further we go into the future, the more involved the Internet is becoming in the real estate world. As a University of Arizona graduate with a degree in Digital Marketing, I know how to get eyes on your property, or find you the one you've been looking for!


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